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Jobs at ASTC


We are currently hiring peer tutors and Instructional Assistants for the ASTC! Please contact us at for any questions.  

Are you interested in working in the Academic Success and Tutoring Center? 

We are looking for people who are patient, good listeners, enthusiastic, have a desire to help others, and are team-oriented. We have multiple positions available in the ASTC.  

“[Working in the ASTC] has been a great opportunity for me in my academic and personal life.” – Patricia Gallman

PositionsStudents getting help from a wonderful student tutor.

There are two types of ASTC tutor positions for which students may apply–embedded and floor. 

  • An embedded tutor works closely with the instructor inside the classroom for the duration of the course and will also be available in the ASTC to work with students from the class.
  • A floor tutor works in the ASTC for the duration of the semester to help any student who visits.

We also employee front desk assistants to welcome visitors, connect students with tutors, and handle clerical and other duties. 

ASTC Tutor Application ASTC Front Desk Assistant Application


For non-Solano students interested in working as instructional assistants in the ASTC, please contact the ASTC at 707-864-7230 or email us at



Current Employees

Here are some important documents for current tutors, front desk assistants, and instructional assistants: