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Student Resources

Student Skill Workshops

ASC Student ResourcesStudent Skill Workshops are offered free of charge to all students, led by the Academic Success Center Task Force. We provide study techniques and assistance with various strategies to address common issues that students will encounter. Please check the Academic Success Calendar for updated workshop listings.

Example workshops provided by the ACS:

Note Taking

Learn to take notes with a purpose. Proactively identify important material that will appear on tests.
Test Anxiety

Learn how to manage your test anxiety.
Reading a Science Text Book

Reading a scientific text book isn't the same as reading a paperback novel. Learn read technical terms with greater retention.
Three Ring Binder Organization

Learn how to properly organize study materials over multiple classes.
Cash for College

Financial Aid Workshop.
Transferring to a 4 Year College

Learn how to secure your position when transferring into a four year university.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring provides students with immediate help with specific topics at scheduled dates and times. No appointment needed.

Drop-in Writing Lab
Get help with writing for ANY class from Solano English Department faculty
• Reading and understanding your essay assignment
• Brainstorming, organizing
• Drafting
• Revision and proofreading strategies Be sure to bring a copy of the assignment, drafts and/or notes you've written.