Getting started with Solano Biotech

Do you like to fix things and figure out how to solve problems? Are you comfortable with tools and working with your hands? Do you pay attention to details and quality no matter what you’re doing? Are you comfortable working as part of a team?

These are the kinds of skills and aptitudes that help people succeed in biotech — no matter how many math or science courses they’ve had. In fact, biotech can engage people from many different educational or professional backgrounds, including health, agriculture, environmental studies, and mechanics/engineering.

You will need to master some math and science (particularly biology) for biotech careers, but if these weren’t your favorite subjects in high school or college, don’t jump to the conclusion that these careers aren’t for you. Many people were not taught these subjects in ways that engaged them. When you study math and biology in ways that apply directly to a task, job, and career, these subjects will seem much more relevant — and are likely to make more sense.

At Solano Community College, our biotech classes are unique because they’re practical and focused on the manufacturing side of the industry. There’s a steady demand for our graduates, with almost 100% placed in careers that offer starting salaries between $35,000 and $60,000 per year.