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Ethnic Studies Program logo Ethnic Studies Program LogoCalifornia will continue to be the largest state for almost all race and ethnic groups and it will remain the largest state for the total population throughout the 30 years of state projection from 1995-2025. The explosive growth of various ethnic groups in California presents the Ethnic Studies Program with a responsibility and an opportunity to provide students and community members with information regarding the history, accomplishments, and cultural challenges of their respective racial groups.

Other students and individuals from a wide array of disciplines and backgrounds wish to know more about the history and culture of races other than their own. The goal of the Ethnic Studies Program is to provide students and community members with in-depth information pertaining to the history, struggles, and accomplishments of various ethnic groups by providing publications that address these topics, by hosting speakers who will use their insight and life experiences to shed light on these important areas, and by hosting events that meet these needs.

The Solano Community College Ethnic Studies Program is the only college-level Ethnic Studies Program in Solano County. This further increases the need to provide students and community members with the opportunity to gain insight from speakers, events, and publications that are representative of the many different racial and cultural groups in the U.S.

The Solano Community College Board of Trustees, the President, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the goals and values of our program. Additionally, many administrators and faculty members also share this commitment and will continue to do so. Most importantly, many of our students have fervently demonstrated that they view the program as an integral part of their educational and personal growth and their support grows each academic year.