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SCC Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal and State financial aid regulations require Solano Community College to establish, publish, and apply qualitative, quantitative and incremental standards by which SCC can determine whether a student requesting and/or receiving financial aid is maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in his/her course of study. Financial Aid requires a declared major and enrollment in a Title IV eligible program (16 or more units in length.) Solano Community College Financial Aid Office evaluates all three standards along with specific institutional policies to determine a student's eligibility. Satisfactory Academic Progress will be evaluated at the end of each semester. Each SAP evaluation includes both the semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA) and pace of progression completion rate.

SAP Standards:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Pace of Progression
  • Maximum Time Frame
  • Institutional Policies

Qualitative-Grade Point Average (GPA):

  • Students must have a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 at each SAP evaluation
  • Grades for remedial and ESL courses count in the GPA calculation

Quantitative-Pace of Progression:

  • Students must complete at least 67% of the semester and cumulative number of units attempted at each SAP evaluation
  • Completion rate is computed by dividing the total number of units completed by the total number of units attempted
  • Must include courses with earned "W" and units transferred into the institution, as well as academic renew/amnesty courses

Quantitative-Maximum Time Frame

  • A period of time that is no longer than 150% of published length of the program in which the student is enrolled
  • For degree and transfer programs of 60 units, maximum time frame is 90 units
  • For eligible certificate programs, maximum time frame varies (i.e. 30 unit program = 45 units maximum, 18 unit program = 27 units maximum)
  • Requires that the student be enrolled in a Title IV eligible program leading to degree, certificate or transfer (basic financial aid requirement)
  • Must include courses with earned "W" and units transferred into the institution, as well as academic renew/amnesty courses

Institutional Policies:

  • Remedial/ESL coursework may be excluded from the Pace and Maximum Time Frame calculations
  • All units attempted are considered in the evaluation process, this includes incompletes and withdrawals
  • Major Changes: A maximum of two major changes are allowed


  • Students not making SAP will be automatically placed on one term of "Warning" status
  • Students may receive financial aid during the warning period
  • Students not making SAP at the end of the warning period are determined to be ineligible for federal and state financial aid until they meet SAP standards

Reestablishing Eligibility

  • Students may reestablish their eligibility by meeting the Pace of Progression- 67% completion rate standard along with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Sitting out one semester or longer will not reestablish eligibility

Student Appeals for Extenuating Circumstance

  • Should include an explanation of why the student failed to meet SAP
  • Should explain what has changed that will allow the student to make SAP
  • Additional documentation requires; see appeals form
  • Outcome is a Professional Judgment decision, case-by-case and not capricious nor discriminatory
  • Progress Report may be required prior to final determination
  • Effective 11-12 academic year, there is a maximum of one appeal only
  • Remedial Courses: Remedial courses are eligible for funding only if recommended on a student's educational plan by an academic counselor. A maximum of 30 remedial course units will be eligible for financial aid funding


  • Approved appeals result in the student being placed on SAP probation
  • Students may receive financial aid during terms of probation
  • Students can regain eligibility by making SAP at the end of one term of probation
  • Students must complete 67% of the units attempted along with a 2.0 GPA each semester while on probation
  • Students must follow their academic plan while on probation
  • The institution will verify each term that the student is following the academic plan and/or meeting terms of probation; if not, the student becomes ineligible for federal and state student aid until SAP standards are met.