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Frequently Asked Questions

Solano Community College wants your graduation to go as smoothly as possible! If you have any questions about participation in the ceremony that are not addressed on this site or in your letter of invitation, please contact the Student Life Office.

What is the difference between graduation and commencement?

There is a distinct difference between graduation and commencement. Commencement ceremonies are held every spring semester, and are a way for Solano Community College to celebrate your academic achievements.

The semester of graduation refers to the term in which you petition for a degree or certificate. This is typically the semester in which you complete your degree or graduate certificate requirements.

Only students who have petitioned for a degree or certificate can participate in the commencement ceremony.

When will I receive the letter to participate in the commencement ceremony?

Students who were awarded degrees and/or certificates in the prior fall or summer, and those who petition in the spring, will receive a letter from the Student Development Office the first week of May.

This letter contains information about the ceremony, and a yellow participation card which must be returned to the Student Development Office.

What code of conduct will be expected at the ceremony?

Solano Community College takes great pride in our graduates, and we look forward to a commencement ceremony that can be enjoyed by all.

Graduates and guests are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and give proper respect to fellow attendees. Items that detract from the ceremonies, such as balloons, horns or noisemakers, are prohibited. Applause is welcome, but please refrain from exultations that may be taken negatively or detract from the proceedings. Please remain in your seats until the ceremony concludes.

What do I wear? Where do I get my cap/gown?

All graduation participants will be required to wear a black cap and gown. You may purchase your cap and gown in the Bookstore. The cost of the cap, gown and custom tassel is usually $40, including tax. Please contact the Bookstore for their hours of operation at (707) 864-7000, Ext. 7111.

You will be walking on uneven grass at the Doc Hollister Stadium (Football Field). Please make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes. High heels are not recommended. Consider making arrangements for family members to hold extra items such purses for you. The ceremony is in the evening and it could be cool. Dress accordingly under your gown.

Can I order announcements?

Graduation announcement information is available at the Bookstore.

Can I order photographs? Will there be a photographer on site?

A professional photographer will be available at Commencement. Pictures will be taken of all graduates, and proofs will be sent directly from the photographer. It will be your choice whether or not you wish to place any orders for your pictures.

Are there disabled accommodations?

Disabled persons parking will be available in specially designated sections of our parking lots, as well as a disabled and senior person drop off. Shuttle service to and from the the Doc Hollister Stadium (Football Field) will be provided for guests with limited mobility. Please visit the Location and Parking page for more information.

American Sign Language interpreters providing sign language communication and a limited number of seats for seniors and disabled persons.

Will there be flowers for sale?

Arrangements have been made to have floral bouquets available for sale. They may be purchased at the entrance to the Hollister Stadium.

How many guests can I have?

The number of guests that can attend the ceremony in the Doc Hollister Stadium is unlimited.

What if it rains?

In case of rain, the event will take place in the Gymnasium located in Building 1700A and you may invite only two guests. You will be given two rain event tickets at the time you turn in your yellow participation card. Don't lose these tickets. No additional tickets will be issued. Additional guests may view the broadcast in the 1400 building.

Email us at if you have questions or problems.