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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19 FAQS have been adjusted to reflect our 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Solano Community College wants your graduation to go as smoothly as possible! If you have any questions about participation in the ceremony that are not addressed on this site or in your letter of invitation, please contact the Student Life Office.

Will SCC hold a Graduation ceremony this year?

SCC will host a virtual ceremony. We will not have an on campus ceremony due to the Governor’s Stay at Home Order and the restrictions on large gatherings. A virtual graduation means that we will show student photos and the names of graduates (summer and fall 2019) and candidates (spring 2020) for graduation in a video that will be posted to the college’s homepage.

When will the video be available?

The video will be posted beginning Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at The video will be available for at least 30 days so you can invite family and friends to watch the video on May 21st at 6:00 or anytime thereafter.

How can I participate?

Graduates, those who applied for graduation in summer or fall 2019, and candidates for graduation, those who applied for graduation in spring 2020, will share a photo of themselves and their name will appear on the screen. A program will also be available for you to review or download. You do not need to wear regalia for your photo and you are not required to send a photo. Here’s how you can be part of the celebration video:

Student Picture Submissions for Graduation. (Deadline May 1st, 2020)

1. Send us a current photo of only you, dressed appropriately and in an appropriate setting.
2. Remember, this photo will be visible to millions of viewers in perpetuity (SCC reserves the right to decline photos that are inconsistent with our value of respect).
3. Create an email with the subject labeled “STUDENT”.
4. In the email please include your first and last name as it appears on your petition for graduation.
5. Attach your photo.
6. Send your email to

Do I have to send a photo in order to have my name included in the video/virtual ceremony?

No, a photo is not required. All names of graduates from summer and fall 2019 and candidates from spring 2020 will be included in the video.

How will I receive my diploma?

After Admissions & Records verifies that all requirements of the degree and/or certificates that they have petitioned for have been met, you will receive their degree and/or certificates by mail in July or August. Degrees and certificates will be sent to the mailing address listed on the petition that you submitted. If you will be moving once the semester is over, make sure to notify us of your change of address by going to MySolano before the semester ends (May 21, 2020) to update your mailing address. If you have questions about the status of your petitions, please contact on or after July 1st, as that gives staff time to verify your final grades from spring semester against the requirements of your degree and/or certificate.

One diploma or certificate cover will be sent with your diploma or certificate. If you receive multiple degrees or certificates, you may purchase additional diploma covers at the SCC Bookstore on the main campus when the Stay at Home order has been lifted.

Will I be able to purchase a tassel?

Yes. The campus bookstore will make them available for purchase online. This information can be accessed by contacting or

Will I be able to walk in a future on campus Graduation ceremony?

Yes. For those who would like to participate in the 2021 Graduation ceremony, you will be invited to join us. Details will be sent to the Class of 2020 in early spring 2021. Make sure to check the SCC web page in January 2021 for details on how you can participate in the 2021 ceremony.

Who should I contact for additional information or for help?

You may contact Dr. Rischa Slade at Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Please remember that if you want us to include your photo in the graduation video, we must receive it by email no later than May 1, 2020.

Email us at if you have questions or problems.