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Running Header - "How To"

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APA requires you to include a "Running head" at the top of every page of your paper. The running head on the title page of your paper is formatted differently than all the other pages, though. Follow these steps to get your running head formatted properly on all your pages.

  1. Double click in the header area of your title page. On the left hand side of the menu bar, click the "Page Number" button and select the page number layout you need from the dropdown menu.
  2. Type your title, in all capital letters. Then hit the tab key to bump your title all the way over to the left hand side of the page. Hit Ctrl+Enter to make a second page on your document, if you don't already have one, to make sure the running header appears correctly.
  3. Now, we'll fix the first page's Running Header:
  4. On page 1, double click into the header area. Under the design tab that should appear, click the box that says: Different First Page screen shot of Microsoft Word toolbar
  5. Type the words "Running head" (without quotes) right before your capitalized title.
  6. Your first page should then have, at the top, "Running head: YOUR PAPER TITLE" (without quotes) while your second page should have, at the top, "YOUR PAPER TITLE" (without quotes). See the example "paper" on the "Getting Started" page.