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Library Research (LR) Courses

LR 1: Principles of Library Research (3 units)

A broad overview of research methodology leading to successful information retrieval. The student will develop skills through analysis and comparison of print sources, electronic indexes, and web-based resources.

LR 10: Basics of Information Competency (1 unit)

A course teaching the skills needed to find, evaluate, use, and communicate information from print resources, online databases, and the Internet.

LR 11: Advanced Information Competency; Internet Explored (1.5 units)

A course evaluating information and exploring information technology in society including Internet, World Wide Web, Search Engines, retrieval systems, and electronic publishing.

LR 12: Information & Society (1.5 units)

This course explores the social, cultural, and political context of information and information technologies.

LR 500: Topics in Research & Information Competency (non-credit)

A series of workshops introducing students to the fundamentals of Library Research & Information Competency.

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