Solano Community College Logo, Tree breaking out of half dome.


What does M.E.N. stand for?

Motivated, Educated, and Noble men of Solano Community College.  

Who are M.E.N? Leaders, Innovators, Scientist, Entrepenuers, Artist, and much more. 

M.E.N of Solano Community College was created in the spring of 2019 to address documented inequities in the post-secondary education of African American males. The M.E.N. of SCC program fosters an environment of brotherhood, motivation, and commitment to the success and excellence in our educational pursuits. 

Join our Huddles! Every Thursday @ 2:00 pm in the Umoja Village Rm.437


Watch our Video to learn about M.E.N. !
















MEN students group photo outside of the 1400 building.

Bryan Stewart giving a speech.  M.E.N. students hiking.

Group picture at Umoja Welcome Reception.

Nathan and Bryan.   M.E.N. student outside of the 1400 building.