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About Us

What does MESA-TRIO do for students?

The MESA-TRIO model for success includes a variety of services that results in a high rate of academic achievement. Elements of the MESA-TRIO model include:
  • Individual Academic Plans
  • Academic Excellence Workshops
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Collaborative learning techniques and study skills
  • Clustering of students in classes to enhance collaborative study
  • Field trips to industry sites and university campuses
  • Leadership development and conference
The main components of the MESA-TRIO CCCP include:
  • Student Study Center
    A dedicated multipurpose space for quiet study, workshops, and information sharing.
  • Academic Excellence Workshops
    Where students are scheduled in math and science core classes and taught how to maintain high academic outcomes through facilitated group study
  • Orientation courses
    That teach college survival skills to incoming students majoring in math, engineering and science.
  • Assistance in the transfer process
    Including field trips to universities, workshops on applications and counseling
  • Career advising
    To introduce work options to students
    Field trips, job fair information, job shadowing exercises and industry mentors are available to students.


Professional Development and Career Awareness
MESA-TRIO sponsors tours to many four-year universities and their Math, Engineering and Science departments such as UC Davis, UCOP, UCSC, UCSF, schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. Students can visit industry facilities such as Genentech, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Hewlett Packard, etc. MESA-TRIO also provides resume/interviewing, finance, stress, time management, and math anxiety workshops.

Qualified MESA-TRIO Students participate in summer research, fellowships, and internships with the many sister organizations such as MORE, MURPS, CAMP and many other programs offered at UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and universities nationwide. Many of the opportunities are available to MESA-TRIO Students only. Companies such as Hewlett Packard, Genentech and CalTrans also provide internships for MESA-TRIO students.

Photo: 2009 SACNAS Convention Conferences
MESA-TRIO fully sponsors national and regional mathematical, science and engineering conferences. Students can interact and network with employers, university representatives and other students in the similar academic fields.

A current listing of scholarships is posted on the MESA-TRIO Study Center Bulletin Board or available through the MESA-TRIO Director. Scholarships are available for all Math, Engineering, and Science majors from national to regional sources. Deadlines vary.


Does MESA-TRIO only serve those students who already are on the college track?
MESA-TRIO students who are interested in math, engineering, and science based majors and are willing to work hard to improve their overall grade point average can take advantage of the program. Students must meet the economic and educational criteria and must be transferring to a four-year university with intentions of earning a Bachelor’s degree.

What must students do to stay in MESA-TRIO?
Students must participate in MESA-TRIO activities; including enrolling in college prerequisite classes, making significant progress towards transferring in their major, etc. Please see the MESA-TRIO contract for more detailed information on activeness. A copy of the contract can be obtained from the MESA-TRIO Administrative Assistant.

Who are some of the companies involved with MESA-TRIO?
Photo: MESA Students at Google Field Trip
Over 200 companies are partners with MESA-TRIO Statewide throughout the state, including Pacific Bell, Lucent Technologies, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Chevron, Pacific Bell, Google, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Locally, MESA-TRIO has partnered up with the Napa Valley MESA-TRIO Industry Council to better serve a larger population of MESA-TRIO Students.