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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I ever have to attend any classes on campus at Solano?

Currently most online courses are fully online. Some courses require in-person exams or orientations. That information is included in the syllabus for the specific course.

How much time will I be spending per week for my online course?

You can expect to spend the same amount of time in an online course as you would a face-to-face course held on campus. Plan on spending the same amount of time on the computer as you would in going to class and then the same amount of additional time on assignments and homework.

Can I work ahead in the course and complete the semester in a few weeks?

No, for most of our courses you must participate in the course week by week throughout the semester. This format is not the same as an independent study course completed at your own pace. Some instructors will furnish you with a calendar of assignments and readings to allow you to read ahead, while others will only give you assignments and readings as the class week or unit opens. Online courses are interactive and fluid and are extremely flexible.

Is there a set time each week that I have to login to the course and do the work?

You can login anytime. In the online courses, you work on your own within the time frame established by the instructor. Unless the instructor has mandatory chat sessions, you will not have to login at a certain time. You will have to keep up with all assignments and exams as they are presented.

After registering, how do I know when and where to login to the course?

Courses are administered through the SOLANOnline web site.  Students are first loaded into their online courses approximately one week before the beginning of the semester. Once you are in, you will receive an e-mail message sent to your MySolano email box with login instructions. The actual course material may not be available, but you can access the Course Home with the course syllabus and other things, and the .NExT student tutorial that will help you learn more about how the course works.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

Yes, you usually do need to buy a textbook and, in some courses, a workbook also. The information can be found in the course syllabus, or by looking it up at the Solano College bookstore website. They will sell you the materials online and ship them to you. You never have to come to campus to purchase books for an online course. Information on that can be found here.