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Online Student Guidelines

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Before enrolling in an online course at Solano Community College, please consider the following information to help you decide whether online learning is for you.

Successful online students are:

  • Self-motivated, independent and disciplined.  Online classes are not held at a specific time and the instructor is not physically present to give reminders, so online students should be good at remembering deadlines without being reminded and know how to manage their time effectively.

  • Willing to commit 9-12 hours per week for a 3 unit course. Online courses are not easier; they have the same academic rigor and content as campus based classes.  In fact, many students say online classes take more time and commitment.

  • Willing to ask for help for difficulties with course content or technology. While instructors are typically not available in person, they are available to answer questions via email and/or telephone. The e-College help desk is also available 24/7: 303-873-0005 or

  • Active learners and participate in class. This includes logging into class frequently and on a regular basis. Instructors will not contact students who are not actively participating.

  • Comfortable with reading and writing and communicating online.  Strong reading and writing skills are essential in online courses for assignments and discussions.

  • Able to meet the minimum technology requirements including access to the Internet, an email account, a Web browser, and an ability to download and install programs and search the Web.  Click on Online College on the college home page,


For more guidance, take the online assessment, Is Online Learning For Me?