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Intel® Active Management Technology

Dell™ Latitude™ D630/D630c User's Guide

NOTE: iAMT is available for Dell™ Latitude™ D630c computers with iAMT capability only.

Intel Active Management Technology (iAMT), part of Intel Centrino® Pro Technology, is intended to deliver more secure systems management capabilities that reduce IT costs, and allows better discovery, healing, and protection of networked computing assets. With iAMT, PCs can be managed whether the computer is turned on or off, or the operating system is not responding.

NOTE: iAMT can be configured using Dell Client Manager (DCM) 2.1. For complete information about how to configure iAMT, see the Dell Client Manager 2.1 documentation at\openmanage. For more information about Dell's iAMT implementation, see the Systems Management Administrator's Guide at

Key benefits of iAMT are:

iAMT Features

Basic Functionality
Advanced Functionality
NOTE: Additional management software is required for the following features.

Your computer aids in troubleshooting iAMT by providing the following iAMT-related error messages:

Error Message


AMT mode: Set manageability mode to AMT or none

Alert Standard Format (ASF) mode is enabled instead of iAMT. Set manageability mode to AMT or None in the Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx) setup.

MFG_MODE jumper: The security override jumper is installed

Do not populate the MFG_MODE jumper. iAMT will not function properly. Only Manufacturing uses this jumper.

MEMORY: Unsupported memory configuration. Populate DIMM1.

Unable to launch Management Engine (ME). iAMT functionality is broken when DIMM1 is not populated.

Out-of-Band Management

Out-of-Band term refers to the ability to manage the computer in the absence of an operating system or with the operating system in an unusable state, or with the computer turned off. The only requirement for managing such a computer is the iAMT capability as well as computer being connected to the network and to an electrical outlet.

NOTE: Power is supplied to the DIMMs even when the computer is turned off.

Accessing iAMT setup

Intel's MEBx interface controls the Latitude D630c iAMT features and setup options. MEBx is used to:

To view the MEBx setup screen, press <Ctrl-P> during system post or system boot. Your default MEBx password is admin.

NOTE: To make configuration setting changes, the default MEBx password must be changed.

Turning off iAMT

iAMT is enabled in the ME firmware by default. However, you may choose to turn off the iAMT feature:

  1. Press <Ctrl-P> to enter the MEBx setup and enter your password.

  2. Select Intel® ME Configuration® Intel ME Features Control® Manageability Feature Selection

  3. Select None.

  4. Select Return to Previous Menu twice.

The changes are applied and the computer reboots.

USB Provisioning

iAMT can be provisioned using a USB key and Dell Client Manager. The USB key must:

NOTE: The USB key should not be bootable.

To provision iAMT using a USB key, insert the USB key into a USB port prior to boot. During POST, the BIOS displays a message, stating that the computer is being provisioned.

Unsupported AMT Features

Your computer does not support all Intel iAMT chipset features, such as:

NOTE: You must always set Idle Timeout to 0x0.
NOTE: You can select the Remote Firmware Update option and the Enable ASF option; however, these options are not functional.

You can update your ME firmware using the updates available at

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