Banner FAQ's

What is Banner?
Banner is a fully integrated suite of administrative software applications developed by SunGard Higher Education (SunGard HE or SGHE) and used specifically by higher education to manage business operations.
How do I get access to Banner?
How you access Banner is dependent upon who you are. All faculty/staff get access to Self Service Banner (SSB) via the district's portal or web site called MySolano (

Some faculty and most staff have access to Banner via data entry screens know as Internet Native Banner (INB). This access is restricted to a need only basis.

  • SSB access is granted once a valid district account is setup. This process is started in HR once they receive a signed Confidentiality Statement.

  • INB – Mostly granted to Staff/Administrators. Access is setup once a confidentiality statement has been signed and HR has notified the Helpdesk. The Department Manager or Dean must request access to INB as well as a list of classes needed to be given access to.

  • What is Internet Native Banner (INB)?
    Internet Native Banner (INB) is Banner Web application used by the District to access the Banner system for day-to-day business. INB is used to manage students, accounts receivable, financial aid, finance, and human resource information. The primary users are administrative staff and in some cases student employees.
    What is the difference between Self Service Banner (SSB) and Internet Native Banner (INB)?
    Self-Service Banner is accessible to District employees and students with valid accounts.

    Internet Native Banner (INB) is an application intended for users doing more of the administrative functions. It requires more end-user training and security.
    How to Clear Browser Cookies and Java Cache
    Internet Explorer Click on "Tools" ->"Internet Options" under Browsing history click the "Delete" button. Make sure Every Check box is checked and then finally hit the "Delete" button once again. Alternatively on your keyboard hold down the ctrl-shift-del keys, and then click the "Delete" button.

    Java Cache Clearing Java Cache