Email FAQ's

How much space do I receive for email?
The default limit is 1 GB.

NOTE: Your email and voicemail are stored in the same mailbox therefore filling your mailbox up with one will obviously impact the other.
My mailbox is full! What do I do?
All District employees should perform periodic Mailbox Maintenance to avoid reaching ones mailbox limit.

Mailbox maintenance includes:

  1. Cleaning out your Inbox. The inbox should not be used for permanent storage of emails you wish to keep. If you are pressed for space, you can create a PST (File->New->Outlook Data file) to copy some of your mail off the server onto your local computer. Click here to view the procedure on how to create PST's.
  2. Delete all items in your "Sent" folder. Again if you wish to keep any sent items you can keep them in a PST folder.
  3. Delete all items in your delete folder.
If you have performed proper email maintenance and you find that you are still pressed for space for essential District related material, contact your supervisor/manager for approval and have them submit a Helpdesk ticket to increase your storage limits. All requests will be investigated as to whether or not an increase will be approved. If proper email maintenance has not been performed, request for increase will be declined.
I tried to attach a file to an email and I was told it exceeds the size limit.
The default size limit for attachments (and email messages as a whole) is 10MB. This is to save bandwidth while sending the email (large emails can timeout and fail), and to minimize the data stored. If you need to send a larger file, explore other options of transferring the file (share a USB device, copy it to a network file share, use FTP). If you must send via email, contact the Helpdesk and let us know the size of the file and we can assist you in the delivery.
I tried sending a message, but it just sits in my Outbox.
A: Most likely, your Outlook is offline. If you are a laptop user on Cisco ISE, first make sure you have the Cisco ISE Agent running, have logged in, and have all necessary updates installed. Once you are sure you are through Cisco ISE, or are a desktop user, check to see if your Outlook is Offline.

B: In the bottom right corner of Outlook check to make sure it says Online with Microsoft Exchange. If it does not say this, try going to File and make sure there is not a check by Work Offline. If it is checked, click on it to clear it. If Outlook still does not come Online, contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.
How do I create a PST file?
See our Email Tech Tips page on "How to Create a PST File".
Can I share my calendar?
Yes, you can share your calendar. Visit the Tech Tips Email page for instructions on how to set up calendar sharing.
How to send class emails using OWA (PC users)
How to send class emails using OWA (Macintosh users)
How to access preferred student email
How do I protect myself from identity theft via phishing?
Please see our guide to phishing here.