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How do I receive Solano email with my smart phone? (iPhone & Android)
We currently have procedures for the following smart phones:

Apple iPhone/iPod Touch (Apple iOS 4)
Apple iPhone/iPod Touch (Apple iOS 3)
How do I transfer a caller?
While on the call, press the Transfer softkey (if not visible, press More to see other options). This puts your caller on hold, allowing you to dial the extension of the person you wish to forward to. You may either wait for that person to pick up so you can speak with them before completing the transfer, or simply press Transfer to send the caller to the person.
How do I setup a conference call?
While talking to the first person you want to conference with, press the Confrn softkey; that will place the first person on hold. Then, dial the extension/phone number of the next person you wish to have join the conference. Then press the Confrn softkey again. You can then repeat the process to add other callers to your conference. You can conference up to six people including yourself.
What if I need to setup a conference call of more than six people?
Contact the Helpdesk to setup a Meet Me Conference. You will be given a number to have participants call in order to join the conference.
How do I use the built-in Corporate Directory on my Cisco phone?
Press the Directories button, then either scroll down to Corporate Directory and press Select, or just press '5.' You can then fill in any combination of First Name, Last Name, and/or Number to search our phone system. Use the numeric keypad to type out letters and numbers. Press Search when you have entered your parameters.
How to I access my voicemail?
There are several ways. From off-campus, dial (707) 864-7130, followed by your phone extension, and then your password followed by pound (#). On campus, just dial 7130 and follow the same procedure. If you have a Cisco phone, simply press the Messages button, then enter your password and press pound (#). If you are using a phone other than your own, press star (*) to enter a different extension to check. Alternately, you can check your messages from your Outlook, or via OWA anywhere.
I've never used my voicemail before. Where do I start?
On account setup, if voicemail was requested, you should find an email in your mailbox with your extension number and your temporary password. Use this password to access your voicemail. The first time you login you will be prompted to set a new password and record your greetings.
How much storage do I get for my voicemail?
Your voicemail is stored in the same location as your email inbox, which has a default limit of 250MB. This space is for both email and voicemail. Filling your box up with one will obviously impact the other.
When checking my voicemail, it says my mailbox is full, but there aren't any messages to delete.
Your voicemail is stored in the same location as your email; if it is full of email you cannot get any more voicemail messages. Delete messages from your email to free up space.
How do I leave a message for a person without calling them?
Dial * followed by the person's extension to go direct to their voicemail box.
How do I transfer a caller to someone's voicemail?
Hit the Transfer softkey on your Cisco phone, enter * followed by the person's extension, and then hit Transfer again.
I know I have a voicemail I haven't listened to, but the light on my phone isn't on. What gives?
Voicemail is integrated with your email box. If you click on the voicemail message in your inbox (which can happen automatically if it's the first item in your Inbox), Outlook can mark it as 'Read' and that turns off the light. You can still listen to your message on your phone, by checking saved messages.
My light on my phone is lit, but when I check, it says I don't have any messages. What should I do?
Try leaving yourself a message and checking it, and see if the light goes out as expected. If it still stays lit, contact the Helpdesk so we can reset your light.
How do I change my voicemail greeting?
Once logged into your voicemail box, say 'Personal Options,' then press 2. You will be prompted to modify your greeting(s). Follow the prompts to make the desired changes.
Can I disable voice-activation for my voicemail?
If you are in an noisy environment, the voice-driven voicemail system may be difficult to use. To switch to touch-tone control only, log into your voicemail box, say 'Personal Options' and press 4. At any point, you can go back to this same menu and change back to voice-activation.
How do I change my voicemail password?
If you can log into your voicemail, say 'Personal Options' and press 3. If you do not remember your password, you can reset your PIN yourself using OWA. Login to and in the upper right, click on Options, then See All Options. On the left navigation menu, select Phone. On the Voice Mail tab, there is a section for Reset PIN. Click Reset my voice mail PIN, click OK to confirm. An email should appear in your inbox with a new temporary PIN.


What is E-Fax?
In its most basic sense, it is simply a new way of faxing a document electronically. A fax (short for facsimile) is a process by which fixed graphic material including pictures, text, or images is scanned and the information converted into electrical signals which are transmitted via telephone lines to produce a paper copy of the graphics on the receiving fax machine.

An e-fax does the same thing but from our e-mail system instead of a physical fax machine. Basically, when e-faxing a document, it will be sent to a server and the server will convert the documents into a format that can be transmitted over the phones lines. The phone lines are still used just like in a stand-alone fax machine. Since e-fax still uses the phone lines to send the document, it will be transparent to the recipient and they will be none the wiser, because it will simply be received on their fax machine. When receiving an incoming fax, it will come directly to your e-mail inbox, a designated recipient, or a public folder with access granted only to the department for which it was created.

E-fax is a way for the District to save money through lower maintenance costs (machines, paper, and phone lines); and time by immediately having access to faxing capabilities right from your desk(if the document is already in the computer); and productivity by not having to wait by the fax machine and retrieving the documents and a paper confirmation. A confirmation will be sent directly to your e-mail inbox when the fax has been sent. An added advantage to e-fax is that once a document is scanned it is in electronic form, and, if needed, can be readily resent if the receiving end had any problems or archived for future reference.

In order to e-fax a document, it must be scanned to e-mail or already reside on the computer from which you are e-faxing. If you already have the document in the computer, then you can simply attach it as you would any document when sending e-mail. If the document is not in your computer, then you must scan the document to e-mail. When you have received the document in your inbox, you can simply forward this e-mail to the fax number because it will already have the document attached. It really is that easy!
How do I use e-fax?
To fax a document, open Outlook and start a new e-mail. In the "To" field, type the phone number, with area code, of the fax machine you want to send to, followed by

For example:

You do not need to prefix the fax number with a 9 for an outside line or a 1 before the area code; however, you must always include area code, even if it is a local number. The number will always be exactly 10 digits.

If you wish to send a document in your fax, such as a Word document or PDF document, it is as easy as attaching the document as you would in sending a regular e-mail. The system will automatically generate a cover sheet with your information gathered from your e-mail account. Anything you type in the body of the message (such as "Attn to…") will be added to the notes section of the fax cover sheet as well.

You will receive a fax confirmation through your e-mail account which will show up in your Outlook inbox with the date and time it was sent. If delivery for some reason fails, you will receive a failure notice. Please forward to the helpdesk for further assistance.