Data Backup/File Retrieval/Archive


It is highly recommended that you utilize your network storage (Ishtar server, commonly known as the "Z: drive") for saving files. Your user My Documents are set up to automatically store at this location and all files on this store are backed up overnight.

NOTE: Any files that are written during the work day and deleted either accidentally or on purpose do not get backed up to tape and thus are not recoverable because they never had the chance to be written to a backup tape at night.

NOTE: Any files you save on your local hard drive (the "C: drive") do not get backed up by central backup services therefore it is your responsibility to provide for backup of such files. We strongly recommend you not save files to your local hard drive unless you have and practice a reliable backup plan.

NOTE: Owners of district laptops can save files to a local copy of their "Z: drive" when not attached to our network and those files will be "synchronized" with their network storage upon connection to the network. The files will then be backed up to tape that night.

File Retrieval

Currently backup tapes are maintained at an offsite location for a month. This means we can help you recover from deletes or changes only if the delete or change occurred within the last 30 days. Any requests for retrieval of data should be coordinated through the helpdesk using our easy online form, by email, or by calling (x4690).

Data Archival

Upon termination of employment:

The hard drive of all employees district computer is removed and stored for a period of 6 months. It is then cleared and returned for re-use.

For all managers of the district, file shares and email store will be written to DVD and kept indefinitely.

General Office Information

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