Disposal, Donation, & Recycling

Disposal - Solano Community College Policy 3320:

The Superintendent/President or his/her designee is delegated authority by the Governing Board to declare as surplus such personal property of the District as is no longer useful for District purposes, and shall establish procedures to dispose of such property in accordance with applicable law. All sales of surplus personal property shall be reported to the Governing Board on a periodic basis. This policy shall not be construed as authorizing any representative of the District to dispose of surplus real property at any time.

Solano Community College Business Services Policy 3320


Education Code 81450.5 provides that a community college district may donate any personal property belonging to the District if the District determines that the property is no longer required for school purposes provided that the property is donated to a school district, a community college district, or a public entity.

NOTE:  All donations must be approved by the District Governing Board.
All potential donations are handled through the Facilities Department.


All equipment comes to Technology Services & Support for evaluation, possible upgrade, and/or reallocation. Any Technology equipment that cannot be donated, upgraded, reallocated, or maybe damaged or beyond economical repair, will be disposed of to a valid electronic waste recycling center. The coordination of recycling is handled through the Facilities Department.

General Office Information

Interim Chief Technology Officer
Jim Petromilli
E-mail: Jim.Petromillil@Solano.edu
Phone Number: 707-864-7275
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 167

James "Kimo" Calilan
E-mail: James.Calilan@Solano.edu
Phone Number: 707-864-7104
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 163

E-mail: Helpdesk@Solano.edu
Phone Number: 707-864-7000 ext 4690
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 139

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