Network Quotas

Faculty Quotas:

Staff/Administrator Quotas:


1 Gigaabyte

*Z Drive:

3 Gigabytes



1 Gigabyte

Z Drive:

3 Gigabytes



*Note: Adjunct Faculty does not get assigned “Z” drive space

Temporary Quota Increase

Technology Services & Support can accommodate special circumstances by temporarily increasing one or more of the listed quotas. Example: You are working on a long project that requires the need to store and save large files that in doing so would exceed your allotted quota. Any such request would need the department manager's approval and would require a written justification. Please submit all requests to the Helpdesk via our easy online form, by email, or call x4690.

Permanent Quota Increase

If any of the listed quote amounts are not sufficient for your daily work please contact the Helpdesk via our easy online form, by email, or call x4690 to request an increase in allotment. Just as in the temporary increase the department manager would need to approve a request for increase and a written justification would need to be provided. Simply stating that you have reached your quota is not a justifiable reason for an increase.

Quota Increase Approval

Approvals of quota increases are not automatic. Technology Services and Support will conduct an assessment of the requestor's network storage usage and decide whether or not an increase is warranted. Remember only district related items are to be stored on our servers. A couple of the things we look for in a user's account when requests for increases are received are a) large amounts of personal photos; b) large amounts of personal music; and c) large number of old files or e-mails. All of these items take up large amount of server space.

Reasons for Limited Storage

Network space is expensive and not unlimited. Therefore we do our best to try and keep costs down while still providing a quality functioning network structure for all to use. Additionally, significant increase in storage results in significant increases in backup time, and backup media which will ultimately lead to the need for a bigger, faster backup system. Methods (such as archiving old email to an external hard drive or storing large amounts of pictures on a DVD) are preferable since they are far less expensive ways of achieving more storage.

We Are Here to Help

Technology Services and Support is more than willing to consult with any users to figure out the best solution for their data storage needs, and increase user's data storage quota if our assessment concludes it is necessary to do so.

General Office Information

Interim Chief Technology Officer
Jim Petromilli
Phone Number: 707-864-7275
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 167

James "Kimo" Calilan
Phone Number: 707-864-7104
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 163

Phone Number: 707-864-7000 ext 4690
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 139

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