Technology Purchases

All District Related technology purchases must be approved by Technology Services & Supports Chief Information's System officer or Manager.

All purchase requests must follow the following procedure.

  1. Fill out Technology Request Form and email to the helpdesk.
    NOTE: Please follow the directions on the request form.
  2. Be sure to include full product name and/or part number.
  3. Technology Request Form and Quote (If Needed) will be signed and forwarded up to the respective Budget Manager of the Requestor. A copy of the forms will also be sent to the Requestor, Budget Manager and Purchasing Agent.
  4. Requesting Department creates a Requisition in Banner.
  5. Ensure that the Attn to: area in the Requisition lists Technology Services Room 153.
  6. Once Requisition is filled out, note the Requisition number on the Technology Request form and along with the quote email them to Purchasing.

General Office Information

Interim Chief Technology Officer
Jim Petromilli
Phone Number: 707-864-7275
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 167

James "Kimo" Calilan
Phone Number: 707-864-7104
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 163

Phone Number: 707-864-7000 ext 4690
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 139

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