Technology Services Standards

Smart Phone Support:

At present, Technology Services & Support does not officially support the use of personal phones. However, we have written procedures for use of the following smart phones with our e-mail services:
  1. iPhone
  2. Blackberry
  3. Droid (Android)
If you have one of these phones and want to have your Solano e-mail delivered to it we can provide you the procedures to accomplish that task. If you have some other phone and can obtain the procedure for accomplishing this task we can provide you any configuration information you may need to make the connection to our services.

Fixing Personally-Owned Computers:

Technology Services and Support does not provide service to personally owned computers.

Please Call the Help Desk First!

If you have problems with or questions about any technology related issues regarding District equipment please contact the Helpdesk by using our easy online form, by email at or call ext. (x4690).  Please do not contact any of the TSS staff members directly. The Help Desk centralizes our response system so we can accurately prioritize our work and take care of the high priority cases first.

Office/Personnel Moves

Technology Services requests at least 48 Hours notification prior to any office/personnel moves. This will allow us time to properly schedule our resources to support this request. If the move requires office/desk modifications, facilities will need to be contacted first prior to contacting IT.

Access to Personal Files (the Z: Drive):

If a department needs access to a former/current employee's files (specifically his/her Z: drive) Technology Services & Support requires approval from the departments Vice President authorizing this request before we can make that data available. Correspondingly, we will not access another user's Z: drive without specific permission from that user or the user's Vice President.

Supported Web Browsers and Standard Software:

Currently, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the only web browsers that Technology Services support. Additionally, Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 are the only operating systems we can support. The driving factor for this is that our Enterprise System (Banner) does not support newer versions. As Banner approves the use of newer versions we will move to those versions over time.

Users should not install new versions or other software without contacting TSS.

Logins/User Profiles:

One computer may only have one user profile, unless shared office spaces dictates otherwise.

Assigned/Shared Computers for Users:

Although users have the ability to use any district computer on campus, users will only be assigned a user profile to one district owned computer. This mean that programs such as Microsoft Outlook will only be configured on one computer.

Shared Computer systems are setup at various locations within district buildings. These computers are not configured for an individual user and thus are locked/Frozen. Locked/Frozen means that users are unable to permanently save documents or make any changes to the system configuration. Any saved documents or changes will be lost when the computer is re-booted.


Software licensing is a contract of agreement between the software publisher and the end user, sometimes referred to as the End User License Agreement, or EULA. Though software licensing can be a paper agreement, it is most often imbedded in the software itself as part of the installation process. Technology Services takes software compliance very seriously and we work very hard to ensure that the district is within licensing compliance. Any software loaded on district computers must have a valid license that accompanies that software. All requests for software and or installation should be coordinated through the helpdesk using our easy online form, by email or call (x4690).


General Office Information

Interim Chief Technology Officer
Jim Petromilli
Phone Number: 707-864-7275
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 167

James "Kimo" Calilan
Phone Number: 707-864-7104
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 163

Phone Number: 707-864-7000 ext 4690
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 139

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