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$IDEAS Email List

$ideas is the appropriate forum for the discussion of issues that may have relevance to the campus community. In order to participate, you need to sign up for this mailing list. It is very simple to do so.

Send an email from Outlook or OWA to the address LISTSERV

In the body of the message, put the following: SUBSCRIBE $IDEAS

Upper case does NOT matter, but it was used it to clarify what text you need to enter. The Help Desk will be happy to assist anyone who has trouble subscribing.

We want to encourage people to participate in this forum. It is a deeply held belief at Solano Community College that an educational institution should foster discussion and the free flow of ideas. $ideas is an attempt to serve that purpose in a way that is creative and respectful.

$all, the all-campus email list, was originally created as a means to send announcements of campus wide relevance about college business to the entire campus community. While it was never meant to be a campus discussion forum, it often got used as one. While many in the campus community appreciated the ease with which an email could be distributed, not everyone wished to participate.

With the recent acquisition of more sophisticated mailing list software, we are now able to provide a means for campus discussions via "true" email lists, commonly referred to as "listservs" on the Internet. This adopts the "opt-in" model also commonly used on the Internet for discussion groups.

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