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Question 1

What form is required to be submitted to the VRC each semester after registering for classes in order to receive Veteran Benefits?
VA Form-1990
Verification of Benefits
Enrollment Status Form
No form is needed

Question 2

Is Financial Aid available to those who using their GI Bill or Veteran Dependent Education Benefits?

Question 3

What form is required to be to be submitted to the VRC for all changes to class schedule?
Parent School Letter
VA Form-1999
Enrollment Status Form
No form is needed

Question 4

Will VA pay for recommended courses that are not required for a degree?

Question 5

What does the VRC offer for students in the program?
Readjustment Counseling
Student Veteran Organization
All of the Above

Question 6

What type of tutoring is available?
SCC Tutoring Center
Outside Professional Tutoring

Question 7

How many degrees objectives may be pursued simultaneously?

Question 8

What program at Solano Community College will provide assistance relating to VA Service Connected Disability (s)?
Health Center
Extended Opportunity Programs and Service
Disability Services Program