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The purpose of the SCC Virtual Information Program (VIP) is to provide you with useful information concerning college programs, services, student rights and responsibilities.

Research proves that students who participate in college orientation reach their educational goal more quickly and are more successful than students who have not completed it.

Do I have to do the orientation?

California Code of Regulations Title V requires community colleges to provide orientations to students who are not exempt as part of matriculation services.

Exemptions. The following students are exempt from matriculation:
  • Students who have completed an associate degree or higher
  • Students who seek to enroll only in non-credit courses
  • Students indicating an educational goal of:
    • Job Skills - to maintain current job
    • Personal Interest - not for employment
    • Complete credits for high school
    • Maintain a certificate or license (i.e., Nursing, Real Estate)
When you have submitted an application and reviewed the VIP, your records will be updated showing that you have completed the orientation.