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Fire Technology

Program Description

This program was established under direction of Solano County fire protection agencies and offers both an intensive training course culminating in a Certificate of Achievement and a well-rounded educational program leading to the Associate in Science Degree. Instructors in this program are experienced members of the fire service field. In addition, a Fire Technology Academy for recently recruited fire service personnel and pre-service students is conducted periodically. The curriculum consists of courses selected from the regular fire technology course offerings.

Additional Program Information

Whether you want to prepare for a career as a firefighter or complete your in-service training for advancement, you can take advantage of the education programs in Fire Technology offered at Solano Community College. Established under direction of Solano County fire protection agencies, the program offers both an intensive 30-unit training course toward a Certificate of Achievement, or a well-rounded 60-unit education program leading to the Associate in Science Degree. Instructors in the Fire Tech program at Solano Community College are experienced members of the fire service field. All the courses are scheduled to allow employed firefighters to complete their studies around irregular working hours.


The Fire Tech curriculum at Solano Community College is designed as professional training for people interested in, and qualified for, a career in fire service. The program offers practical and technical instruction to meet ever increasing demands and continuous upgrading by fire service agencies. Many satisfying positions exist in the field of fire service at local and state levels and in commercial or private industry.

Your New Skills

You will learn the art and science of fire fighting and protection. You will learn the characteristics of fires in different types of materials, and you will practice with different types of extinguishing agents. You will be shown the principles of care, maintenance and functions of dozens of pieces of equipment the firefighter uses on the job. You will become familiar with basic hydraulic laws applied to fire situations, manpower requirements, methods of attacking fires, preplanning tactics and review chemistry. You will learn how to watch for signs of arson, preserve physical evidence, interview witnesses and testify in court. You will study basic factors of building construction that can aid or hinder in fire protection, and you will learn how to inspect buildings systematically for code violations. You will also review handling and storage of combustible materials and the techniques of rescue operations.

Go to your catalog to find the requirements to achieve the:

  • Associate in Science Degree
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • State Fire Marshal Certification