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Contract Education

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Solano Community College partners with local businesses, industry, and agencies to develop solutions for your workforce or workplace needs. We will assess your concerns and together develop and implement optimum training opportunities for your employees. The Solano Community College Office of Contract Education and Training specializes in designing and delivering appropriate and comprehensive customized programs to meet your specific training and education needs. As processes, procedures, products, and goals change, employees need new and upgraded skills. Through a careful assessment, we will:

  • Help you to identify your real workplace needs
  • Customize solutions specifically for your business and employees
  • Implement training on a schedule, and at a site that best meets your organization’s requirements
  • Offer excellent and appropriate instruction, as well as a variety of delivery methods
  • Evaluate the training to assure that there has been a transfer of skills and knowledge from the training environment to the workplace
  • Provide cost effective training and services
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