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Feeder High Schools

Demographics on Primary Feeder High Schools

Each fall term about 1,000 recent high school graduates enroll at Solano Community College. The greater majority of these are from local (Solano County) high schools. The following twelve “feeder” schools each contribute from two to eleven percent of SCC’s incoming recent high school graduates:

  • Angelo Rodriguez High
  • Armijo High
  • Benicia High
  • Bethel (Jesse M.) High
  • Buckingham (Elise P.) Charter
  • Dixon High
  • Fairfield High
  • Hogan High
  • Vacaville High
  • Vallejo High
  • Vanden High
  • Wood (Will C.) High

The following link will take you to the California Department of Education (CDE) website, including the Ed-Data site (an outside data source). At this CDE Data & Statistics website, you will be able to locate the school profile, student demographics, and performance each school in Solano County.

Each year all California public schools give a standardized test in various subjects. This test is referred to as the STAR test, standing for Standardized Testing and Reporting. The following link contains data on the English-Language Arts and Algebra 1 scores for the major high schools in Solano County. Algebra 1 was chosen as the math level because, as of 2004, completion of this course is a minimum requirement for high school graduation.