Hours of Study

Types of Classes



Grades are an important measure of academic performance. In order to graduate from SCC, a student must earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). Grading at SCC is based on the traditional "A" through "F" system.

You may choose to take some courses on a Pass/No Pass basis. There are no grade points assigned to a Pass/No Pass class so your GPA will not be affected, regardless of whether you pass the class or not.

Incomplete (I) grades are only offered when emergencies or unforeseeable circumstances dictate.

The instructor will state conditions for removal of an "I." A final grade will be given when the conditions stated by the instructor have either been met, or the time limit for completing the work has passed.

If the instructor agrees, you may audit a course. Students auditing a course may not change their status in the class to receive credit once the course has started.

If a class is too difficult, or there are circumstances outside of class that prevent you from attending regularly, make sure you officially withdraw from the class before the drop date specified on the academic calendar.

Classes that have not been dropped on time will be marked "W" for Withdrawal and you will get no credit for the course. An excessive number of units with a grade of "W" may lead to academic probation and financial aid disqualification.