Hours of Study

Types of Classes



For every unit of class, it is expected that a student will spend two hours of study outside the classroom each week. Therefore, a 3-unit course will require three hours in class and six hours of study time outside of class. All told, a 3-unit class will require a commitment of 9 hours per week.

A full load of courses is considered to be 12 units, because, as you will see, it is similar to working a full time job. Let's assume you are carrying a full load and spend 12 hours per week in class.
Work Hours Recommended
Minimum Total
College Load
0-15 Up to 16 units 32 Study hours 16+32 = 48 hours per week plus work hours
16-20 Up to 12 units 24 Study hours 12+24 = 36 hours per week plus work hours
21-30 Up to 9 units 18 Study hours 9+18 = 27 hours per week plus work hours
31-40 Up to 6 units 12 Study hours 6+12 = 18 hours per week plus work hours
Over 40 Up to 3 units 6 Study hours 3+6 = 9 hours per week plus work hours
Based on the 2:1 ratio of study time to class time, you will likely spend an additional 24-36 hours per week studying. That is a 36 to 48 hour a week commitment to college.

It is important for new students to remember this when scheduling classes.