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Meetings 2017-2018

All meetings are held in the Board Room 626, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
03/05/18 Agenda 03/05/18 Minutes 03/05/18

AP6010 Course Auditing
BP6010 Course Auditing
ASSSC Adjunct Parity
Excused Withdraw Filed
IEPI Framework Letter
Library Update
Math Task Force Update
SES Coordinator Draft

02/26/18 Agenda 02/26/18 Minutes 02/26/18

AP6010 Course Auditing
AP6030 Advanced Placement
BP4003 Emeritus
BP6010 Course Auditing
BP6030 Advanced Placement
CCSSE Refresh Sample
PD Committee Rubric Wording

02/05/18 Agenda 02/05/18 Minutes 02/05/18

Academic Senate By-Laws Draft
2017/18 Budget Outlook
2018 Donation Form
Gate Clearance
Math Taskforce Notes
EER Commendations and Recommendations

01/22/18 Agenda 01/22/18 Minutes 01/22/18

Academic Senate By-Laws Draft
BP 4005
DE Handouts
IEP Indicators
Resolution 01.22.18
Joint Meeting with Administrators
Agenda 01/11/18

Joint Meeting Agenda 01/11/18
Minutes 01/11/18

Joint Meeting Minutes 01/11/18

Academic Senate By-Laws Draft
AY 2017-18 Senate Priorities
BP 4003
BP 4005
College of the Desert OEI Resolution
IEP Indicators
Graduation Resolution
Academic Senate Constitution
12/11/17 Agenda 12/11/17 Minutes 12/11/17

Academic Calendar Draft
AY 2017-18 Senate Priorities
BP 5110
Academic Senate and Subcommittee Goals, Assessment Committee
Academic Senate and Subcommittee Goals, Curriculum Committee
Academic Senate and Subcommittee Goals, Distance Education Committee
Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool
Library Plan 2013
OEI Consortium to Exapand, Focus on Equity
Peer Review Handbook
Professional Development Rubrik
Program Review Template
Program Review Handbook
12/04/17 Agenda 12/04/17 Minutes 12/04/17

BP 5110
Curriculum Committee Goals
Academic Renewal
Professional Development Committee Goals
Peer Review Handbook
Program Review Template
Program Review Handbook
Guided Pathways Self Assessment
11/27/17 Agenda 11/27/17 Minutes 11/27/17

Faculty Staffing Requests for 2018-19
Geology Staffing Requests
Staffing Request
11/13/17 Agenda 11/13/17 Minutes 11/13/17

Academic Calendar Draft
Assessment Schedule Draft
Professional Development Funding Request Rubric
Project FLOW
11/06/17 Agenda 11/06/17 Minutes 11/06/17

Hiring Procedures FSA
Professional Development Funding Request Rubric
Procedure 6105
SSEIP Approval Letter
Student Success Integrated Plan Addendum
Special Meeting
Agenda 10/30/17 Minutes 10/30/17

50th Fall Session Resolutions
Executive Summary Draft Integrated Plan
10/16/17 Agenda 10/16/17 Minutes 10/16/17

50th Fall Session Resolutions
Program Outline Social Justice
Social Justice Studies at SCC
10/02/17 Agenda 10/02/17 Minutes 10/02/17

AB705 Letter
DE Course Shell Review Process
Guided Pathways
SSEIP Summary
Title 5 Section 55023
Title 5 Section 55024
Special Meeting
Agenda 09/25/17 Minutes 09/25/17

CSU Response to EOs
Accreditation News Vol 6
Senate FSA Discussion
Excerpts from Senate Handbook
FSA Packet Discussion
AB705 Letter
FSA Hiring Procedures
Objections to the Draft
Senate FSA Proposal
09/18/17 Agenda 09/18/17 Notes 09/18/17
09/11/17 Agenda 09/11/17 Minutes 09/11/17

Message from the Solano Community College Superintendent-President
Rescission of DACA
Chancellor Oakley DACA Statement
Library/Learning Resource Center Building Project
Curriculum Committee Training
Guidelines for Deans as Approvers SLO Assessments
Hiring Procedures FSA
PDFC Committee Initiatives and Goals
Resolution 12.12.2016 Sanctuary Campus
Resolution Condemning Hate and Violence
Proposal: Merge the BSI committee and the SESC
BOT Meeting Attachments
08/21/17 Agenda 08/21/17 Minutes 08/21/17

Academic Senate Priorities 2016-17
Student Success and Equity Integrated Plan (SSEIP)
AP 6030 Advanced Placement
BP 6030 Advanced Placement
AP 6045 Career and Technical Ed Programs
AP 6200 Graduation Requirements for AS Degree and Certificate
AP 6205 Philosophy and Criteria for AS Degree and General Ed
AP 6210 Catalog Rights
AP 6411 Grades Changes
BP 6110 Contract Ed
Inmate Education Program FAQ
08/10/17 Agenda 08/10/17 Minutes 08/10/17

Academic Senate Orientation
AP 6030 Advanced Placement
BP 6030 Advanced Placement
Resolution Equity and Sanctuary Campus
Resolution for Partnership with Solano Prison
Strategic Vision Letter to the Field

Please note: Preparation dates are subject to change.

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