Solano Community College

Department of Public Safety

Welcome to Solano Community College! We are a large multi-campus district with a workforce of 600 and a student body of over 7,000.  The college is located in an area where it possesses an inviting mix of rural and suburban lifestyles and easy access to all of the urban amenities associated with two of the nation's most dynamic metropolitan regions, Sacramento and San Francisco.  We are celebrating over 74 years of delivering quality education to our community at large.  My staff and I are honored to have the privilege of serving you and all members of our campus community and guests.

We are committed to promoting a safe and engaging learning environment where all can enjoy the challenges and rewards of the educational process free of fear, apprehension, harassment, or discrimination.  In order to achieve a safe and healthy learning environment, we must all share responsibility by exemplifying the code of conduct and reporting all emergencies, crimes, suspicious activities and safety hazards to the Campus Sheriff's Office.  Together we can continue to make Solano Community College a model of educational excellence and guarantee educational opportunities for generations to come. I wish everyone a successful educational experience and appreciate your on-going support in keeping Solano Community College safe and prosperous.


Asish "Ace" Chandra, Lieutenant
Solano County Sheriff's Office
Solano Community College


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