Solano Community College

Safety Awareness

Welcome to the Solano Community College Campus Sheriff's Office's Safety Awareness webpage. The links and documents below will help in many situations from traffic safety, to emergency procedures, and self-protection. It is imperative that you be familiar with the information and the options you may take in any given event; BEFORE an incident occurs.

Please take some time to review the information provided below.

Stay Safe,

Lt. Asish "Ace" Chandra


How to Prepare for an Active Shooter/Killer on Campus Video - Solano Community College


Please Remember When Law Enforcement Arrives:

  • Put down any items in your hands.
  • Immediately raise hands and spread fingers.
  • Keep hands visible at all times.

California Office of Traffic Safety

The CA Office of Traffic Safety website contains information regarding traffic safety issues affecting all California drivers, such as seat belt and child safety seat use, and DUI and distracted driving prevention. There are also helpful links to other traffic safety organizations along with information and updates on changes in California traffic laws.

Documents for Download

ALICE Active Shooter/Killer Plan General Document
Crime Prevention Tips General Document
Incident Response General Document
Workplace Violence General Document
Injury and Illness Prevention Program General Document
Automatic External Defbrillator Plan Presented by the SCC Safety Committee
SCC Sexual Assault Myths and Facts Brochure Presented by the SCC Safety Committee
Sexual Assault Myths and Facts General Document
Sexual Assault Pamphlet General Document