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Targeted Academic Persistence (TAP)

What is TAP?
The Solano Community College Academic Support Services Department offers several programs to enhance and improve a student’s educational journey.

One of these programs is TAP – Targeted Academic Persistence, designed to provide support and retention assistance to students experiencing academic difficulties.


When should I contact TAP?

Life is unpredictable and, often challenges from work, family, health or personal issues impact a student’s academic success. When a current or previously enrolled student’s GPA falls below a cumulative 2.0 GPA – Grade Point Average and/or fails to complete 50% of attempted units, they are placed on academic probation or dismissal. A student is alerted of academic probation through My Solano and instructed to contact the TAP staff who will explain your academic status and assist with next steps.

Probation - Students are encouraged to meet with a TAP Counselor to plan and select courses prior to their registration deadline for the beginning of the next semester. Here is a link to sample transcript that explains transcripts as they relate to probation: Sample Transcript pdf

Dismissal - Students are required to complete a reinstatement process which includes the following:

  1. Complete the reinstatement forms provided by our office or see TAP Form links.
  2. Attend a required TAP workshop offered on various days and times.
  3. Make an appointment with a TAP Counselor.
  4. Readmission documents are reviewed by the Dean of Academic Support Services and students are notified of the outcome and instructed to register for classes.



TAP Counsel with studentContacting the TAP Program
Our Virtual TAP office is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 – 5:00.
Phone: (707) 864.7000 Ext. 4752
Visit our office: Bldg. 400, Rm. 439 (after COVID restrictions are lifted)

Our TAP Team

Shirley Lewis

Dean, Academic Support Services

Rahul Patria
TAP Counselor

Nedra Park
TAP Administrative Assistant


TAP Counselor with studentTAP Services
Counseling - TAP has dedicated Counselors trained to work with students experiencing
academic difficulties. Your assigned Counselor will assist you in developing a SEP – Student Educational Plan, personal counseling, and provide academic strategies specific to helping you achieve positive academic standing.

How to request a TAP counseling appointment:

If you need to schedule an appointment with a TAP counselor, please call (707.864.7000 x4752) or email us ( and include the following information:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your nine-digit student identification number
  3. Your current phone number
  4. What you wish to discuss with the counselor


Workshops – Students on academic dismissal are required to attend a one-hour TAP workshop. Our staff will assist you with scheduling a workshop. Students on probation are encouraged to attend. This is what is covered in the workshop:

  • What TAP is and how TAP helps students
  • Help students understand what is probation and what is dismissal
  • Teach students how to read an academic transcript
  • Explain what academic standing is
  • Explain what the TAP Reinstatement process is
  • Explain why it takes time to move away from dismissal and probation

Links to other departments:

Academic Success and Tutoring Center (ASTC):
Be proactive, if you are struggling in a class, don’t wait, you can access free
tutoring help:

Admissions & Records
Admissions & Records (707) 864-7171, or via e-mail:
Link to reapply to the SCC:
If you have been absent from the college for 2 semesters or more, you will need to
reapply to the college. Here is a link to access more information on this:

Financial Aid
If you have a financial hold on your student account or other questions regarding
financial matters, please contact Financial Aid, E-mail: