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Covid Information


COVID-19 Withdrawal Options:

  • If you wish to withdraw from one or more of your classes and you qualify for an EW, please complete the General Student Withdrawal Petition and provide the required documentation supporting an extenuating circumstance.
    General Student Withdrawal Petition (pdf)
  • If you wish to withdraw from your classes due to the COVID-19 vaccination mandate that goes into effect on 10/15/21, you can submit the general student withdrawal petition mentioned above and list the reason for your withdrawal as you do not wish to comply with the vaccine mandate.
  • Starting with the Spring 2021 semester, there are no longer options for a COVID Excused Withdrawal (EW) that did not require documentation as there had been in previous semesters in 2020. Refunds are also no longer available for COVID EW’s as of Spring 2021 semester.


COVID-19 Grading Option Options – Extended Deadline for Pass/No Pass

  • Due to COVID-19, we have extended the deadline for students to change the grading option of their courses from a standard letter grade (A-F) to Pass/No Pass (P/NP) for Fall 2021.
  • Please be aware that P/NP grades may negatively affect your ability to transfer that course to another institution. It is HIGHLY suggested that you contact all schools that you are considering transferring to and verifying how they will view a P/NP grade in a class that you are wishing to transfer BEFORE you elect to change the grading option for that class.
  • The deadline for electing for a P/NP grade Fall 2021 will be the last day of each semester by 5pm.