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Biomanufacturing Courses

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Upper Division Courses

Image of Flame and Bunsen Burner BIOT 401
Biomanufacturing Process Sciences and Engineering Principles (5 Units)

BIOT 402
Design of Experiments for Biomanufacturing (4 Units)

BIOT 403
Design of Biomanufacturing Facilities, Critical Utilities, Processes and Equipment (4 Units)

BIOT 404
Bioprocess Monitoring and Control (5 Units)

BIOT 405
Emerging Biomanufacturing Technologies (3 Units)

Image of Students in Biomanufacturing Class BIOT 406
Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning in Biomanufacturing (3 Units)

BIOT 407
Advanced Topics in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs (4 Units)

BIOT 408
Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing (4 Units)

BIOT 409
Methods in Quality Improvements, Investigations and Audits (4 Units)

BIOT 410
Emerging Trends in Biomanufacturing Quality (3 Units)

Image of Biomanufacturing Bioreactor

Upper Division General Education Courses

In addition to the ten (10) upper division major courses listed above, students seeking to complete the Biomanufacturing Baccalaureate Degree Program will be required to take three (3) upper division General Education courses.

ENGL 400
Advanced Technical Writing: Writing in the Scientific Professions (3 units)

BUS 400
Project Management (3 units)

PHIL 400
Bioethics (3 units)