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Fine and Applied Arts


Students may select from two art programs — Two-Dimensional or Three-Dimensional. These programs are designed to develop visual skills in a variety of art media.

AA Degree
• Art—Two Dimensional
• Art—Three Dimensional

Art History

This program provides the academic and practical experience to prepare students for a career, or further education at a four-year institution, in art history and related fields.

AA Degree
• Art History

Art - Graphic Design & Illustration

This program provides the student with sufficient academic and practical experience for entrance into the job market as a graphic artist, or for study towards the B.A. in college or professional school.

AA Degree
• Graphic Design & Illustration

Film and Television

This program is designed to provide fundamental theory and practical experiences required for a career in film and/or television.

AA Degree
• Film and Television

Interior Design

This program is designed for vocational majors planning employment in interior design or interior merchandising occupations.

Gainful Employment Information: Interior Design

AS Degree Certificate
• Interior Design • Interior Design


Students may select from three music programs—Instrumental, Theory-Composition, or Vocal. Music majors are urged to take class lessons or private instruction in their specialization each semester.

AA Degree
• Instrumental
• Theory-Composition
• Vocal

Photography, Professional

Pre-employment training in professional photography is designed to prepare students for self-employment and employment in the private and public sectors and covers a broad spectrum of photographic fields, e.g., advertising illustration, industrial, portraiture, medical, commercial, photojournalism, and landscape.

Gainful Employment Information: Photography, Professional

AA Degree Certificate
• Photography, Professional
• Photography, Professional

Theatre Arts

This program is designed to provide a foundation in theater arts for the student who wishes to enter the entertainment industry. Students may choose from two emphasis areas — Acting and Technical.

AA Degree
• Acting Emphasis
• Technical Emphasis



This program teaches writing, critical thinking, reading, and research skills as they apply to the areas of composition, creative writing, and the analysis of literature, the latter of which is presented through genre, survey, figure, and thematic courses.

AA Degree
• English

English As A Second Language

The ESL courses emphasize study in English of reading, writing, speaking, and listening for non-native speakers. The program includes practice in the above areas as well as vocabulary acquisition and grammar work with the goals of building fluency in English and moving the students into mainstream college courses.

Foreign Languages

This program introduces the fundamentals of language learning (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture) with emphasis on language production, grammar, syntax, vocabulary acquisition, and exposure to the culture. This program provides study in more than one language.

AA Degree
• French, German, Spanish, Latin


Courses in this area are designed to cultivate intellect, imagination, sensibility and sensitivity. Students will study great works of the human imagination and will examine their own esthetic and creative experience. Awareness and appreciation of humanistic disciplines will be explored and encouraged. Students will be exposed to the study of human culture from a variety of perspectives.


Journalism teaches critical thinking and communication skills that enable students to translate events and issues of importance accurately and responsibly. Student who may benefit from the major are those anticipating careers in newspapers; television or film; photojournalism; layout, computer graphics or graphic design; advertising or public relations; or media management.

AA Degree
• Journalism


The philosophy program consists of one comprehensive survey course augmented by special courses in critical thinking, ethics, political philosophy, and religion. All constitute a basic and well-rounded introduction to philosophy. Each course presumes no prior study of philosophy.


A college-level reading course designed to improve and enhance the student's ability to understand inferential reading passages. Emphasis is on the development of critical reading skills, including the ability to understand the author's point of view and to engage in textual analysis. In addition, the student should develop the ability to successfully critique college-level reading material by analyzing a variety of prose structures.

American Sign Language

An introductory course on the culture and language of the deaf in this country. The course includes the acquisition of Fingerspelling skills and basic functional vocabulary of ASL. In addition to fluency in these two separate skills, the student will acquire basic knowledge of ASL syntax and nonverbal aspects of ASL, a history of the deaf in the country and deaf education, variations in Manual Communication, and the Culture of the Deaf. There will be both written and signed examinations, a research project, homework assignments, and individual examinations to demonstrate competency in both expressive and receptive ASL. Students will be expected to acquire a vocabulary of approximately 500 words (signs) and be proficient in Fingerspelling.

Communications Studies

This program is a broad based program concerned with the preparation and delivery of messages in interpersonal, public and mediated situations. This program focuses on understanding the communication process and improving communication skills. The program prepares the students to pursue professional goals in a variety of career possibilities including Community College Teacher, Speech Writer, Communications Consultant, Lawyer, Minister, Personnel Director, Television Director or Producer, Broadcast Journalist, Public Relations, Political Campaign Aide, Sales, Counselor.

AA Degree
• Communications Studies