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Bldg 400, Student Services Vallejo Center Architectural drawing of the new Vacaville Center



Solano Community College Vallejo Center Project - The New Vallejo Center is a multi-story facility that allows us to greatly expand our course offerings and services to the residents of Vallejo, Benicia and all of Solano County. The new facility includes classrooms, a lecture hall, computer laboratory, bookstore distribution space, youth theatre rehearsal space, art exhibit areas and outdoor spaces for study and relaxation. The District acquired the 10-acre site which is located northeast of Vallejo off Columbus Parkway.

Solano Community College Vacaville Center Project, Currently in Construction
The committee has completed Master Planning for this center. The cost estimates were based on the proposed programs and space requirements agreed upon at the time of the development of the District's Facility Master Plan. The Site consists of 60 acres. While proposed budgets have been developed, priorities at the District level are changing and the planning will need to take these changes into account. The project estimates also include the cost of Group II equipment for the space allocation defined in the project.

Student Services Center Project
This is a new two-story building that was constructed on our Fairfield Campus to consolidate and improve student access to Student Services Programs. This building also has classrooms to expand and enhance student learning. At this location, the building establishes a new central entry plaza and provides a "one-stop" service location for all students.

Building 700 Humanities, Building 800 Health Services, Renovations, and Building 900 New Faculty Office Building
All of these buildings are complete and occupied on the Fairfield campus.

ADA Phase I and II, Compliance in all Buildings
These Projects will bring the District into compliance with Title 24, Executive Order 504, American with Disabilities Act. Phase I, provides for basic access routes to all buildings and programs. The planning and working drawings have been completed and approved for Phase I. Phase II includes all of the remaining work to be in full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Building evaluations, preliminary plans and cost estimates have been completed for Phase II. Projects directly related to a specific building have been scheduled to coincide with the building's renovation and scheduled maintenance projects.

Repair Campus Utility Infrastructure
This area includes several major Projects; such as replacement of five 15 Kv electrical substations, repair/replacement of hot and chill water distribution systems, and replacement of underground domestic water isolation values. The remaining projects are defined in the District's Five Year Scheduled Maintenance Plan. The first project, including hot and cold water distribution is complete.

Sports Complex
This project includes major renovations and expansion to the District's athletic facilities. Renovations include soccer and softball fields, and major renovations to the baseball and football complex. Cost estimates for these projects were completed by the District's Architect based on approved plans.

Building Renovations of Building 300, 500 and 1500 are complete.
The renovation of these three buildings was combined into one phased construction contract, completed in the Summer and Fall of 2005.

Upgrade Exterior Lighting and install Building Security Systems
This project includes the upgrade of exterior lighting systems and the installation of building security and surveillance systems. These projects have had some preliminary planning completed. The cost estimates are based on the information provided at that time.

Scheduled Maintenance Repairs
This is a series of scheduled maintenance repair projects listed in the District's Five Year Schedule Maintenance Plan and staged over the six years projected duration of the Bond Construction Plan. While the costs have been identified, no detailed plans have been prepared. Projects directly related to a specific building have been scheduled to coincide with the building's renovation and ADA Phase I and II projects.


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