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Program Costs | Financial Aid

Costs for Biomanufacturing Bachelor of Science Degree

Image of Students and Instructor Working with Bioreactor

The fees for this program are determined by the Community College Board of Governors, and the same fees apply to all 113 community colleges in California for the lower division component.

The first two years of this program, known as the lower division component, will continue to have the same fees of any community college class, currently $46 per unit.

The upper division classes – the third and fourth years – will have fees of $130 per unit. The additional fee for upper division units of $84 cannot be covered by the Board of Governors fee waiver.

This means that the total cost of the four-year Bachelor’s degree is approximately $10,500 in total, a fraction of the cost at the California State University or University of California systems, allowing many students the potential to graduate without student loan debt.

Financial Aid

Find out how federal and state financial aid and scholarships can assist covering many of these fees.

If you have questions after reviewing this information, you can contact our Financial Aid department:

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