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  • Refunds show as a negative balance on your student account.

    Our system cannot automatically process Spring 2021 refunds until after census date, therefore if your student account reflects a negative balance and you would like your refund sooner than the term census date, please email requesting it and our team will issue within 2-3 weeks after request.

  • COVID Refunds (for excused withdrawals)
  • Calendar for check printing
  • External personal scholarships/awards:
    • If a separate entity wants to give you a scholarship/award, have the external entity send an award letter and the check to the following:
      • Attn: Cashier Office & Financial Aid Office

        4000 Suisun Valley Rd, 400 building

        Fairfield, CA 94564

COVID Refunds (for excused withdrawals):

  • Please ensure your mailing address is current in your MySolano account so that your refund will reach your promptly.


NOTE: If any of the above transactions were posted to a students’ account, it would reflect a negative balance. This negative balance is processed as a student refund, and is processed for issuing a check mailed to the students’ current address on file.