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Tutoring Works

The data doesn't lie!

  • Retention rates are higher among ASTC users (92%) than non-ASTC users (88%).
  • Success rates are higher among ASTC users (79%) than non-ASTC users (71%).
  • Average term GPA is higher for ASTC users (2.60) than non-ASTC users (2.39).
  • Of students who ultimately drop or fail a class, only 6% of them have visited the ASTC.
  • Most tutored subjects: English, Math, Biology, Chemistry.Studnets learning just how the brain works, with models in hand.
  • Most ASTC visits are an average of 2 hours long.



Hear what students are saying about the ASTC:

        "I have learned so much from my tutors." --Patricia Gallman

        "[The ASTC] is friendly, welcoming, and encouraging." --Hannah Woodward

        "The ASTC has helped me improve my study skills." --Robert Rincon, Jr.

        "It has given me essential support to get through my first math class." --Kristine Ryan

        "The ASTC has given me a space to ask questions." --Alexandra Maletsky

        "The tutors are able to explain things that I did not fully understand in class." --Eamon Tiernan-Long


SCC Students in the ASTC, enjoying the activities.