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Current Activities

  • Update of Implementation Plan

  • Completion of "Swing Space"

  • Construction Cost Control Techniques

  • Facility Building Standards

  • Facility Building Standards

    Solano Community College is in the process of documenting and publishing minimum requirements and performance criteria for multiple building components and building systems, which will in turn be specified, by different architectural and engineering firms throughout the Bond Program for specific projects. The purpose of the document is to obtain consistency of quality and ease of maintenance of products throughout the district.

    The Director of Facilities, Program Manager, and the maintenance department are all stakeholders in this process. Components from site irrigation controls, waterproofing products, roofing materials, door hardware, glazing, chalk/marker boards, to mechanical units will be addressed giving all design consultants overall direction to harmonized product selection from one project to another. This document will be available online to all required parties.

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