Disability Services Program

Faculty and Closed Captioned Videos and DVDs

Students with hearing impairments, as well as students with other disabilities, are often times unable to access the full content of educational videos unless they are captioned.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law in 1990, protects disabled persons from discriminatory barriers to communication by requiring, among other things, that all instructional videos (including online videos) must be able to be shown with captions.

The cost to have captions added to videos can be expensive, so DSP recommends that the divisions make sure instructional videos are captioned before they are purchased.

For any questions regarding captioning requirements, directions for attaining captioned videos, or directions to add captions to existing instructional videos please contact:

Disability Services
Solano Community College
Rm 407
(707) 864-7000 ext 7136