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Staff Directory

Please contact the DSP Office for information, assistance, or support at (707) 864-7136. We are here for your DSP needs and inquires.

Main Campus Phone: 707-864-7000 + Ext.___

Candace Roe
DSP Counselor/Coordinator
Candace.Roe@solano.edu, x4430

Angela Apostal
DSP Counselor
Angela.Apostal@solano.edu, x4617

Shirley Gunn
Adapted PE Instructional Assistant
Shirley.Gunn@solano.edu, x7835

Max Hartman

Alternate Media Support Specialist
Max.Hartman@solano.edu, x4466

Jerolyn Miner
Adapted P.E. Instructor
Jerolyn.Miner@solano.edu, x7835

Carolyn Moore
DSP Specialist
Carolyn.Moore@solano.edu, x4305

Judy Nash
Mobility Assistance

Sidne Parker
Student Services Assistant II
Sidne.Parker@solano.edu, x7249

Cheryl Williams

Student Services Assistant II
Cheryl.Williams@solano.edu, x4646