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DSP Courses

The following college courses are meant primarily for students with disabilities. Each course has a specific set of goals. It would be best to review each course you are interested in by reading the catalog description and the course outline. You can do so by clicking on the course name and number. 

Also it is always best to meet with a Disability Services Counselor to select your classes months before each semester begins (usually April and May for Summer and Fall, and November and December for Spring).

Learning Disability Courses

Primarily for Students are Ready for College Courses but have Specific Learning Disabilities

LS 102 Learning Skills Strategies
LS 301A General Learning Strategies
LS 301B Reading Strategies
LS 301C Writing Strategies
LS 301D Math Concepts and Strategies
LS 306A Spelling Strategies
LS 306B Spelling Strategies
LS 312 Computer Tools for Accessibility
LS 348A LD Assessment and Studies
LS 350 Learning Skills Assessment

Life Skills Courses

Primarily for Students not Ready for College Basic Skill Classes 

LS 307 Reading for Life Skills
LS 308 Math for Life Skills
LS 348D Adaptive Basic Computer Skills
COUN 302 Personal Development Life Skils
COUN 301 Career Awareness and Disability Success
COUN 303 Well-being for Life Skills


COUN 103 Disability And Success
COUN 104 Wellness and Maintaining Good Health
COUN 148E Transition To College for Students with Disabilities

Physical Education

PE 001A Adapted Aquatics
PE 001D Adapted Weight Training


HORT 301A Adaptive Horticulture - Basic Skills and Practices
HORT 301B Adaptive Greenhouse Management
HORT 301C Adaptive Nursery Management
HORT 301D Adaptive Vegetable and Orchard Management
HORT 301E Adaptive Plant Propagation

Horticulture Video