Disability Services Program

Direct Contact with DSP Counselor/Specialist

The best scenario for dealing with serious problems (e.g. demonstrated inability to perform with class assignments or activities, etc.) in the class with students who may use DSP services is:

  • First, be direct with the student (in private) and try to resolve
  • Second, if not resolved, call DSP Counselor for 3 way meeting (Faculty, Student, DSP Counselor)
Candace Roe
DSP Counselor/Coordinator
Candace.Roe@solano.edu, x4430

Angela Apostal
DSP Counselor
Angela.Apostal@solano.edu, x4617

Ron Nelson
DSP Adjunct Counselor
Ronald.Nelson@solano.edu, x7284

Linda Kelly
DSP Adjunct Counselor
Linda.Kelly@solano.edu, x5874