Disability Services Program

Referral for Disability Services Program and Counseling


REFERRAL FOR Counseling & Disability Services Program (DSP)
  • Speak with the student privately.
  • Approach the student with observable educational behaviors that reveal difficulty with the subject matter. For instance, I noticed you didn’t complete your exam on time? Ask if this happens in other classes and in past schooling.
  • Emphasize your concern regarding the student’s success in your class.
  • Understand that other disabilities or medical conditions may mimic a learning disability.
  • Avoid using labeling language like "learning disability".
  • Focus on the student’s “learning difficulty” and access to services that could help.
  • Be Aware all our DSP students are asked to sign a consent of release of information allowing faculty to discuss their progress with us.
  • Encourage your student to follow-up with a counselor who may assist them with study strategies, accommodations and other problem solving techniques.