Disability Services Program

Facts on the ADA, Disability, and Accommodations

Academic Accommodations and Alternate Media Syllabi Statements

DSP recommends that instructors include the following two statements on their syllabi.

Academic Accommodations: Students have the right to request reasonable modifications to college requirements, services, facilities or programs if their documented disability imposes an educational limitation or impedes access to such requirements, services, facilities or programs. A student with a disability who requests a modification, accommodation, or adjustment is responsible for identifying himself/herself to the instructor and, if desired, to the Disability Services Program (DSP) office. Students who consult or request assistance from DSP regarding specific modifications, accommodations, adjustments or use of auxiliary aids will be required to meet timelines and procedural requirements established by the DSP office.

Alternate Media: Students with a print disability -- a visual limitation or reading difficulty that limits access to traditional print materials -- may request printed materials in alternate media. Examples of alternate media formats include electronic format (e.g., PDF or Word file), Braille, tactile graphics, audio format, and large print. Students can make alternate media requests through the Disability Services Program.