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How Do I Qualify to Teach Online?

The following requirements must be met:

  • If your course has never been taught online before, then it must be approved through Curriculum. You will need to discuss with your Dean and department faculty colleagues whether or not the subject should be offered online.
  • Contact the DE Office by email at and request enrollment in the four Online Canvas Training Courses.
  • Request a Dev/OL Shell at SCC Faculty FAQs.
  • Complete the four Online Canvas Training Courses.
  • Build two-thirds of your course using the Course Shell Review Checklist as a guide for your Dev/OL shell.
  • Email the DE Coordinator and the DE Office to request a review of your course by the DE Committee. Your course must be reviewed and approved (more details on this step are in Canvas Training Course 3).

Visit SCC Faculty FAQs for more Online/Hybrid and eCompanion tools and tips.