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Online Express Counseling

Online Exprees Counselor is not currently available. For general questions please call our Counseling Office at 707 864-7101. Thank you

After exploring the links below, you may ask the online counselor short questions. Online counseling is available for general academic information only. The online counselor does not have access to your personal records or transcripts.

We may need to respond to your question with the following statement, "Please make a counseling appointment." This is because the question is most likely complex and may require detailed background information, research, and/or in-person counselor assistance.

The following services are not provided through online counseling:

  • Transcript evaluation (high school and college)
  • Academic probation, academic disqualification or readmission counseling
  • Prerequisites and eligibility for classes
  • Transfer Admission Agreements (TAAs)
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Assistance with university applications
  • Transfer preparation for multiple colleges
  • Personal, psychological, crisis, or career counseling
    • Note: If you need immediate crisis counseling,
      contact Solano County Mental Health Services
      (707-428-1131) or call 911.

If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact the Counseling Division to make an appointment (707-864-7101).

Please allow up to two business days for a reply.

Do you have a question?

Online Counselor is not currently available. For general questions please call our Counseling Office at 707 864-7101. Thank you

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You may also contact the Counseling Division for information on making a campus-based counseling appointment by calling 707-864-7101.
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