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Counseling Resources

 GET STARTED: Steps,Tips, and Resources

  • Continuing/returning students click here for preparing for information on choosing classes and preparing for counseling appointments
  • Looking for tips and resources for academic success, click here

NEW TO COLLEGE STUDENTS: Start Here - Welcome to Solano Community College! 

Please follow these instructions for receiving assistance on choosing upcoming courses:

    1. Watch this video: New Student Education Plan Overview(video segments total approximately 15 min.)
      • Yes, there is a lot of information on the video! Please watch it multiple times and write down your questions to ask the counselor during the workshop.
      • You don't have to choose your English or Math. That part of the video is to explain how the placement guidance process works. The counselor will review your HS transcripts with you (so don't forget to have an electronic version available when you go to the workshop) to determine what English and Math to choose.  You major will also guide the Math choice, as you will see when you select a template.
      • Information on other programs: Puente(pdf).
    2. Sign up for a New Student Education Planning Workshop (hosted on Zoom)
      • Review the workshop schedule here and choose a date to attend
      • Reserve your spot: Use our workshop booking system (must know your MySolano username and password. Please go to eduand click on "Find User Name/Reset Password " if you aren't sure of your user name or password). 
      • Alternatively, you can call (707-864-7101) or email ( the Counseling Front desk to reserve a workshop spot.
    3. Identify your GPS (Guided Pathways Solano) Area
      • Visit the Explore Programs website to identify a major(s) or interest.  You will be asked about your interest area during the workshop.
      • Not sure of your major?  Take the Career Assessment(quick or detailed version) to identify your interests and connected majors.
    4. Create a draft of your class choices for the upcoming semester
    5. Submit your draft of class choices for the upcoming semester to Counseling
      • Download and complete your chosen template. Save the file using last name and Solano ID# (ie. Smith-106555555) and email the completed template and your unofficial HS transcripts to counseling@solano.eduTWO BUSINESS DAYS BEFOREyour scheduled Zoom workshop. If your workshop is on Monday, you would need to turn in your HS transcripts and draft template no later than Thursday.
    6. Attend the Education Planning Workshop
      • At the designated time, login to Zoom by following the instructions that were emailed to you separately.
      • Your counselor will ask you to share your completed template and HS transcripts (if applicable) for review and approval so please have it available to you.
    7. Register for Classes!
    8. Congratulations, are an officially registered as a Solano Community College student!


  • Review the handouts, videos and other useful tips for being a successful college student here
  • Don’t forget about financial aid and the Solano promise program
  • Contact Counseling in the month after you start to create a comprehensive education plan (all semester)s.



NOTE: The Solano front website has changed since the videos and handout were created, but the same needed links to the course schedule, catalog, and MySolano can still be found on the newly designed page by scrolling to the middle of the page and finding the corresponding resource in the center column.  Links to all of our programs and services are now at the top of the page within the Student Services menu.

Campus Map (pdf)

Where are my Classes (pdf)

Important My Solano Resources (pdf)


Registration Tips

How to Register for Classes (video – 6 min) 

Reading the Schedule (video - 6:30 min)

Reading the Schedule (pdf)

How to Register (pdf)

Waitlist FAQs (pdf)

Requesting an Add Code from Faculty (pdf)

How to Add Yourself to a Waitlist (video - 4:50 min)


Choosing Classes and Educational Goals

Picking Your Educational Goal and Understanding College Terminology(video - 5:10 min)

21-22 Local  AA degree only - not for transfer (yellow) (pdf- download for fillable function to work)

22-23 IGETC (UC and CSU Transfer) (purple) (pdf- download for fillable function to work)

22-23 CSU Transfer Only (green) (pdf- download for fillable function to work)

Understanding Your Education Plan (video - 4:30 min)

Using the Catalog and General Education Options to Choose your Classes (video - 12 min)

Understanding General Education Requirements (video - 6:15 min)

Review Your Degree Progress (video - 33 min)

Using - to prepare for transferring (video - 8:30 min)

English and Math Placement Grid (pdf)

Math Course Sequence (pdf)



Nursing (RN/BSN) Preparation

Pre-Nursing FAQs 22-23 (pdf)

Preparing for Solano RN Program (pdf)

Accepted courses from other colleges to Solano RN program (pdf)

Watch First - Getting Started on Pathway to Nursing (video – 14:30 min.)

Desired Qualities of Nurses/Good and Bad Reasons to Become a Nurse (video - 9:30 min)

Preparation and Requirements to Apply to SCC Registered Nursing Program (video - 14:30 min)

Nursing Pre-Major and GE Check Sheet Opt. A (AS degree only) (video – 12 min.)

Preparing for SCC RN and CSU BSN, using CSU GE Pattern with Education Plan (video – 14:30 min.)

What to Expect in Solano Community College's Registered Nursing Program (video – 12 min.)

Good and Bad Reasons to go Into Nursing (video - 10:50 min)


Study Skills

Weekly Schedule – blank template (pdf)

Organizing for Online Success (video – 12 min)

Online Study Skills and Managing Time (video – 12 min)


Zoom (Online Video Meeting) Tips

Zoom FAQs (pdf)

Using Zoom for a Counseling Appointment (pdf)

How to use Zoom for a Counseling Appointment (video - 5:30 min)

Using different functions and settings on Zoom (video - 10 min)